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Cloud Management

Experience the simple and secure way of managing wireless, wired and SD-WAN environments.

Aruba's Central intelligent mobile and IoT security features will keep your network safe at all times by monitoring traffic patterns and profiling devices.

What business benefits do Remote Access Points brings ?

Corporate Access From Anywhere



  • Securely connect to the office network without being at the office.

  • Use the same authentication and encryption as the corporate network.

  • Confirm access policies and usage rights used everywhere.

  • No VPN clients or additional credentials doe users means fewer mistakes.

  • Simplified management 
    - A single platform for all-access, local and remote, with one interface and one set of policies. 

It's time to think differently about managing your network

IT departments are evolving in an effort to balance the work load of implementing new business tools with the day-to-day activities of running the network with existing resources and skills set. 

Aruba's cloud network solutions are easy to use and are purpose built with an intuitive system that is easy to use, save time, optimize budget spend, maintains high performance with minimal involvement, and protects the technology investment for years to come. 

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