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With COVID affecting our daily lives and interrupting business, we must continue to soldier on!

Business cannot afford to shut down and we need to work remotely or from a temporary work site.


How does the idea of extending your corporate wireless network to your home or a temporary office sound to you?


This network extension is secure and can even serve a group of users without a hefty price tag.

Aruba has cost effective solutions that can help customers ensure their workforce can maintain secure corporate access in the comfort of their homes.


It is easy to connect and users does not need to install any plug-in or program.

If this sounds like a brilliant idea, take a look at Aruba Remote Access Points.


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Deploy and secure remote networks with the ease of plug-and-play

What Business Benefits Does Remote Access Points Brings?

Corporate Access From Anywhere

  • Securely connect to the office network without being at the office Consistent Security

  • Same authentication and encryption as the corporate network

  • The same access policies and rights used everywhere


Consistent Access

  • No VPN Clients or additional credentials for users leading to fewer mistakes


  • Simplified management – a  single platform for all access, local and remote, with one interface and one set of policies


Reference customers:

  • Top Canadian Financial Institutions

  • Top Canadian Insurance Institutions

  • Major Canadian Healthcare Institutions

  • Walt Disney – over 3,000 agents

  • Cigna – over 15,000 agents

  • HCA Health Systems – over 3,000 agents

  • Kaiser Permanente – over 3,000 agents

  • Goldman Sachs – over 1,000 Managing Directors

Exec brief:


2 min video:

It’s time to think differently about managing your network

IT departments are evolving in an effort to balance the workload of implementing new business tools with the day-to-day activities of running the network with existing resources and skill sets. 
Aruba’s cloud network solutions are easy to use, and are purpose built with an intuitive system that is easy to use, saves time, optimizes budget spend, maintains high performance with minimal involvement, and protects the technology investment for years to come.

Aruba ClearPass

for Secure Network Access Control

Full-spectrum network visibility

The best plan for securing your network begins with eliminating blind spots

Clearpass 2.jpg
Visibility without proper control can leave organizations open to security and compliance risks.
ClearPass Device Insight, combined with Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, provides closed loop, end-to-end access control.
This delivers visibility and automated policy enforcement, and greatly reduces the need for manual intervention for any multi-vendor wired and wireless network.

Managed Backup Services



        Backup / Recovery / Virtualization

Data Security Services

pexels-photo-1089438 data.jpeg

Keep Your Data More Secure

With Enterprise Security Software

The SecureAge Security Suite

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