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It is critical to secure your company’s networking and compute infrastructure, given the ever-increasing threats to data and resources. Find out how Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s solutions help you to detect, respond, and recover from security incidents at internet scale across your IT infrastructure stack.

Secure Your IT Infrastructure to Unleash a New Wave of Business Benefits

HPE SimpliVity

Hyper-Simple. Hyper-Scalable. Hyperconverged


Virtualization offers significant benefits, but without a cohesive, centralized approach, it can also lead to complicated resource silos, multiple management interfaces, and policy misalignment.

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Reduce Complexity to Unleash Speed

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HPE StoreEasy

File and Application Storage Made Easy


Your organization faces many challenges; why should data storage be one of them? If you need an easy-to-manage centralized space for securely storing documents, images, audio, and video files, look no further than HPE StoreEasy 1000 Storage

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Get Secure, Efficient and Easy to Manage File Storage

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Aruba Clearpass

Improved End-to-End Security


With every employee now utilising an average of three devices, the addition of IoT increases the vulnerabilities inside the business – adding to the operational burden. That’s why you need a trusted solution, deployed in the largest networks, at over 7,000 organisations, in more than 28 different vertical markets

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Enforce Security Throughout Your Enterprise

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Aruba Central

Simplified Cloud Networking


As workplaces become more digital, and the adoption of mobile and cloud applications grows, the network and IT staff supporting them must meet the rising demands for secure, high-speed network access.

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Think Differently About Managing Your Network

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