HPE Emereo "Regain Your Cybersecurity" Workshop, 5 April 2019

Fortify Your IT Defences In An Insecure Age

2018 revealed our vulnerability to modern cyber threats, from mega-breaches of industry behemoths like Facebook and the Marriott hotel group, to even large-scale ransomware attacks on cities. Now imagine what’s coming for 2019 and beyond. As cyber attackers evolve with more creativity and intelligence in their tactics, a perimeter-based security approach will no longer suffice. To protect our organisations in today’s hyper-connected landscape, we need end-to-end visibility and granular control over our network, while combining that with resilient data protection and recovery for our mission-critical assets. Join our security team at our upcoming “Regain Your Cybersecurity” event to discover how you can fortify your IT defences in an insecure age:

• Ensure secure network access control with enforcing of accurate policies based on user, device and more.

• Gain real-time visibility of your network health and threat intelligence to quickly identify and resolve issues. • Enable built-in resiliency with backup and disaster recovery capabilities in the event of unplanned downtime.

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