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Cyberattacks Are The New Normal 

2018 was one of the worst years ever in data breaches and cyber-incidents around the world. 

They said the same thing for 2017. Imagine what's in store for 2019 and beyond. 

is Your Business Prepared ?

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Criminals Are After Your Data

If you are under increasing pressure from shareholders, customers and regulations to secure your digital infrastructure against compromise and disruption, you are not alone. Attacks have become more sophisticated, threat actors are getting smarter and well organized, and the effects of information security failures have become far more consequential in terms of information and financial losses.

54% of companies have experienced a damaging attack.


49% of businesses are delaying cloud deployments due to a  cybersecurity skills gap.


4% of companies annual revenue can comprise of GDPR files.


14 seconds of time it takes before another business faces a ransomware attack in 2019.


of companies have experienced a damaging cyberattack


of businesses are delaying cloud deployments due to a cybersecurity skills gap


of companies' annual
revenue can comprise of
GDPR fines


The time it takes before
another business faces a
ransomware attack in 2019


To succeed, businesses will require more automation, integration and end-to-end visibility supported by threat intelligence and threat analytics.

Your IT infrastructure faces new threats.

Your IT Infrastructure
Faces New Threats

Criminals after your data are creative and intelligent. They change tactics, invent new things, and adapt all the time. Defence is always in flux. What worked yesterday might not work today and almost certainly won’t work tomorrow. We live in a digital world where everything is changing and where systems, people, places and things are constantly connected.


Cyberattacks are no longer targeted only at the OS and application level. The threats to your data can now come from all sides. Is it possible to secure and protect data across your IT infrastructure stack?

Build Security Into The Fabric Of Your IT
Infrastructure Stacks

Protect your most critical digital assets and their interactions, regardless of location or device. You can now breathe easy with HPE's standards-based safeguards and integrated controls across your servers, storage, network and cloud.

With HPE and Emereo Tech, You Can Have It All

Get highly available and secure IT

Get Highly Available
and Secure IT

HPE SimpliVity simplifies your IT with hyper converged infrastructure, an all-in-one management solution for hybrid cloud and VM efficiency, scalability and DR

Protect business critical data

Protect Business

Critical Data

HPE StoreEasy keeps data secure at all times, through built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, support for anti-virus and backup along with industry-leading clustering, failover and non-disruptive upgrades

Secure network access control

Secure Network

Access Control

Aruba ClearPass provides the best defence for your multi-vendor wired and wireless network and benefit from automated fingerprinting, profiling of endpoints and continuous observation.

Simplify and secure cloud networking

Simplify and Secure Cloud Networking

Aruba Central offers simple, secure and cost-effective cloud management and visibility. Benefit from advanced analytics services and connectivity health, along with easy to use guest access.

Experience next-generation "Defence Yourself"

Don't Take Our Word.
Experience Next-Gen Defence Yourself

In order for security controls to be truly effective, you need to have a full understanding of risk, based on an assessment of what you really need and how effectively your existing controls are working. A single vulnerability can prove disastrous. No organization can tackle these emerging cyber threats on its own. 


Register for the HPE | EMEREO Regain Your Cybersecurity Workshop now to learn how you strengthen your IT and protect your data in an insecure age.

Asses and align your IT security requirements with your business needs

Safety Harness The 
Business Benefits of Digital Transformation

Asses and align your IT security requirements with your business needs and make sure that security is an enabler of digital transformation and not a roadblock.

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